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Do you remember the days of block parties and family get-togethers?  At Henry’s, we do.

The smell of the grill always seemed to call everyone together, friends, neighbors, family, even your annoying Uncle.  At Henry’s, we pride ourselves on bringing back that same feeling. We offer award winning barbecue favorites like beef, pork, chicken and sausage in a relaxed atmosphere that encourages people to sit back, hang around, and swap stories.

Don’t be surprised if the owners stop by your table to talk with you, catch up on what’s happening, or even offer your kids a free ice cream. It’s what your neighbors would have done, and it’s the way we like to do business.

Just like your mom used to load up your plate to make sure no one went hungry, we’ll do the same.  Then, of course, we’ll round it out with our famous sides cause everyone needs their veggies. Then, we’ll serve it up with a heaping helping of fun with some of the best waiters and waitresses around.

And remember that one neighbor who always made the best desserts?  Around here, her name is Tawnya. So make sure you save room for cobbler, pie, or cake.

Whether you spell it BBQ, Barbeque, or – like we do – Barbecue, Henry’s has everything you would have at your neighborhood cookout, without your annoying uncle.